How Does an Electric Gate Work?

How Does an Electric Gate Work?

We can install electric gates in Hattiesburg, Laurel & Petal, MS

An electric gate can make your daily routine simpler and increase the curb appeal of your home. Electric gates are operated by a remote control, a keypad or a sensor device. Automated gates can be installed to prevent unwanted guests from entering your property, as you can choose the length of time the gate stays open. This adds another element of security to your home.

When you want to increase the level of security at your home in Hattiesburg, Laurel or Petal, MS, contact Red's Wrought Iron and Gates Inc. We can install an electric gate on any size property. Automated gates also add an element of class to your front yard. Every electric gate is installed with the same elements:

  • Gate
  • Gate opening arm
  • Control box
  • Gatepost
  • Gate hinge

We can install electric gates with sensor pads, remote controls and keypads. Trust our team to install an automated gate at your home. Call 601-466-4790 now to schedule an installation appointment.

8 benefits of using automated gates

Automated gates have a variety of benefits. Our electric gate installer can implement any type of electric gate system at your home, so you can:

1.Upgrade your property's security
2.Improve the convenience of accessing your home
3.Increase the safety of your home
4.Boost your curb appeal
5.Elevate your property's value
6.Provide you with more customization
7.Lower your insurance premiums
8.Increase your return on investment

Overall, electric gates are an investment that will protect you, increase your home's security and improve your overall safety. Contact us today to speak with our electric gate installer about your property.